Konstapoteket as a d.i.y art space in Hökarängen has ceased to be. For 2.5 years I ran this as an experimental fringe exhibition space.

Click on the links below for more information and photos from these events.

For the written paper on the outcome of this diy experiment please go here.


17/10            Daniel Lofthagen & Jens Lömm

26/9             Ida Thunström                                  

 5/9               Joran Stamastakakos                          Sandwich, Section, Plugs




14/2               Geraldine Hudson                              Sanitary

27/4              Mattin & Hong-Kai Wang                  performance

28/4              Phil Julian                                             sound performance

8/6                Jakob Krajcik                                       Grillen – paperhus sculpture

5/9               Amy.J.klement

25/10            Silvia Ospina *                                       Nomaden – video projection

23/11            Chris Dreier                                           Industrial Solutions 2

7/12             Anders Bryngelsson                                     Motoriskt Minne


27/4                Albin Werle                                        new work

2/6                 Christine Boillat                                ‘After the Accident’

21/9               Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic         The Muesum

10/11              La Poemé Kalashnikov                      radical  poetry and spoken word

23/11              Anders Bryngelsson                           ‘Bewegung – sound performance


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