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Konstapoteket began as an art project space as part of my ateljé located in Hökarängen, a suburb of Stockholm.

The original idea behind the space was to provide a platform for lesser known and emerging artists working within the field of installation, film/sound and other conceptual contemporary art. I had quite recently moved from Berlin and having virtually no connections in Stockholm decided it was easier to set up my own project than wait to join another.

With a background in the d.i.y/activist scene from the late 90’s through to 2007 in England, I was used to organising underground music/art events and decided to try to use this d.i.y model to run an art space.

Konstapoteket was a totally non commercial project, motivated by an interest in the individual, the community and an ongoing exploration of creative concepts and discourse, rather than any current artistic zeitgeist. Being a project space rather than a gallery,  where I hoped to create a place for like minded artists to exhibit and meet, encouraging creativity and mutual co-operation.  I was/am interested in people who chose not to be players in the art market, where art is viewed as product and fashion rather than a creative manifestation or discursive tool.

Often choosing artists considered to be ‘under the radar’,  I attempted to curate occasional exhibitions and one off events, the shows included a range of visual and sound artists, some old friends and some new friends made along the way.

My ateljé space has since gone back to it’s original function as a  but I continue to curate and facilitate the odd underground event elsewhere under the name KONSTAPOTEKET.

More information about how ‘successful’ I was with my original vision – setting up a d.i.y. art space in a Stockholm surburb, as a virtual unknown here and the reaction if any I received from others within the Stockholm art world, can be found here.

If you would like to join the irregular mailing list, are interested in exhibiting/ collaborating or would like to come by my new ateljé for a visit, please mail me at  konstapoteket@gmail.com


Spring 2015